Train as a pilates instructor


BASI Pilates is committed to providing each student with the highest quality training and education in the Pilates Method in Spain.

  • Mat Program 2022 – Marbella
    Specialised training in Pilates on mat. It is the basis for Pilates exercises with machines. Perfect trampoline for the Comprehensive Global Programme (mat and machines).
  • Comprehensive Global Program – Marbella
    Intensive professional level programme for Pilates on mat and with machines: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ped-a-pul, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel and other accessories.
  • Probridge Global Program – Marbella 2022
    For qualified Pilates professionals. Covers all the material presented in the standard BASI Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program, focusing on key differentiators between BASI Pilates and other Pilates schools.

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