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Descubre un pilates de primer nivel / Discover a first class pilates

Machines private classes

50 or 80 minutes.

Meet your goals according to your particular needs with private lessons with machines (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, F2 Arm Chair and accessories).

  • You will get the exclusive guidance of a qualified instructor.
  • You will have a more complete training by using several machines in the same session
  • We will help you obtain the maximum precision in your exercises, which is key to achieving your goal.
  • You set the pace and intensity of the class every day.
  • Take the opportunity to ask your instructor everything you need to know about the exercises or your body.


Everything I’m learning in the Pilates classes helps me a lot when it comes to riding my horses.

For a Dressage rider it is very important to have a good balanced and stable posture when performing the figures and movements on horseback to achieve precision, fluidity and harmony. This can be difficult to achieve at all times as you are dealing with another living being.

I feel that I am more connected to my alignment and have better control of my body’s tendencies or compensations.

Now when I ride I can apply the new tools I am learning in the Pilates classes to my horses, the difference can be noticed immediately in the performance of the horses. It is fantastic!

Gianna Ferro – Dressage rider



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New clients

It is essential to take a trial class and the introductory course before entering any class for the first time.

Recover your postural youth

- More breathing capacity
- Increased postural awareness
- More flexibility
- Increased abdominal and muscle strength
- Better coordination
From the hand of a highly qualified instructor who will accompany you personally.
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