Pilates for pregnant woman

Pilates for pregnant women helps strengthen the abdomen, pelvic floor muscles and back without overloading the joints. If you’re pregnant, it’s an excellent option for you.

As well as helping to strengthen muscles through the movements you make, this method is also a physical workout that will help pregnant women increase their balance, strength and flexibility.

You’ll feel better as your pregnancy progresses. You’ll also help them prepare for childbirth as it’s no secret that we go through a lot of changes at this stage of life and we’re also scared of the day of birth, so thanks to you they’ll arrive ready and confident.


Specialised Pilates for pregnant women will help you:

Concentration and precision

You will learn to focus on body movements, a necessary skill for the moment of giving birth.


You’ll be doing movements specifically for pregnant women, so you’ll be able to maintain control and move around much more easily.

Shifting the centre of gravity

You will change the way you move or walk and you will notice it perfectly.

Good posture

You’ll need to adopt good posture not only during pregnancy but also after it, as posture is affected by the change in your centre of gravity. You’ll always be grateful.

Preparing your upper body

Thanks to Pilates for pregnant women, you can condition your body to the newborn’s needs such as breastfeeding, changing their nappies and even moving the baby around.

Strengthening the pelvic floor

Due to the strengthening and the level of relaxation you will achieve, you will be able to have a natural birth of shorter duration.

Improve your sleep

You will improve your sleep, so you will be able to rest much better.

Avoid excessive weight gain

Although gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable, practising this exercise will prevent you from doing too much.

As an instructor you should develop your exercises based on your pregnancy period, they should be planned for each trimester and practiced slowly and in a controlled way. In other words, you should respect the specifics of each of your students.

Exercises per semester of pregnancy

First Quarter

Due to the changes that occur and the adaptation process you will be going through, we do not do very intense exercises. We will focus on the principles of the method and on quality exercises rather than on complex exercises.

Second Semester

In this phase of the pregnancy there is a greater tendency to retain liquids so we will exercise with our lower limbs elevated and work the triceps sural muscle, in order to facilitate the venous return.

Third Semester

In the last period, your belly will already be much bigger, so we will work on breathing exercises, because the diaphragm has been able to move upwards due to the growth of the uterus, generating a greater breathing effort.

DARTE Pilates San Pedro Marbella
DARTE Pilates San Pedro Marbella
DARTE Pilates San Pedro Marbella
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